Remote Control War – A Childhood Dream

Coming from a poor background, and not having an especially well-paying job there is a particular mindset that I have to struggle to get out of.

Not Much Fun For A KidI’m talking of the ‘That’s cool, but I couldn’t afford it’ mindset. I’ve had this attitude for years – for example I used to get dragged around National Trust manor houses and gardens as a kid. Instead of looking at the old buildings or marvelling at a tree like everyone else I used to vividly imagine an enormous RC battle going on.

To be fair, my scenes probably would have cost the best part of a million dollars to do – I’m talking metal battleships complete with ball bearing cannons, helicopters with bottle-rockets, aircraft carrier ships in the lake, tanks on the ground and all kinds of remote control weaponry and layouts. It turns out National Trust gardens would be amazing locations for an RC war.

Nice Building, Where Are The Jets?

It’s now over a decade later, I no longer dream of remote control wars (although that could just be because I no longer voluntarily go to old buildings for a day out) and I have a job. Which means I have a little money.

It’s amazing how long it’s taken me to figure out that I’m a big boy now, and if I want to spend my money on an RC jet and fly it around – I’m allowed to. It’s absolutely fine. Nobody’s going to shout at me if I break it straight away either!

The Product Box of my A4 Skyhawk

You’ve no doubt guessed that I’ve gone and bought an RC Jet – a 55mm EDF A4 Skyhawk Jet in military grey no less. It took me ages to build and put the stickers on though, mainly because I kept messing about and was being overcareful.

I took it out down the road to a massive field that has around 4 football pitches on it, fired her up and let her loose! Her engine screamed, she flew from my friends hand… straight into the ground.

OK. Bad start.

Fix it up and try again!

This time I took off from a tarmac strip and she flew beautifully! I’d bought myself a copy of the ClearView RC Sim and spent  a couple of hours getting to grips with flying on that – so I was ready.

It’s an enormous amount of fun flying these things! It’s a constant attention grabbing activity – you can’t just let her rip and then go make a cup of tea. You’re flying the model 100% of the time constantly making tiny adjustments (and occasionally big, disaster-averting ones).


The A4 EDF Sky Hawk RC Jet


Going back to my first point, what I mean by all this is that it’s ridiculous how long it took me to do this. I’ve dreamed of flying these machines for years, and yet even when I could afford to buy several a month if I wanted to it still took me ages. I guess sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to do what we want to do. To fulfil old dreams.

Now in my case I haven’t fully appeased my younger self’s dreams – after all I’m not landing this A4 Skyhawk on a remote control Aircraft Carrier in the middle of a lake… at least not yet. But I do own my own remote controlled jet, which actually flies! Not only that but it’s an absolute joy to control and a great challenge, and it means I get outside more. Fulfilling your dreams is good for you, period.

Remote Control Battleship

*Sigh* I will rule the waves one day...


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