An A10 Thunderbolt Suitable for Beginners?!

It’s easy enough these days to build up and impressive mental wish-list of things you’d love to own. What with TV advertisements, YouTube videos featuring cool toys, online ads, eBay, blog features and almost every kind of media showing us what the world has to offer… if you have the money.

The Awesome A10 Thunderbolt Design

Add up the total of your wish-list and chances are you’ll be left with a pretty big sum! So what to do?

Well, chances are if you’ve ever seen a remote control helicopter, plane or jet you’ve wondered what it would be like to fly! But how much are they? Can you afford one?

Ultimately that’s a question we all answer for ourselves, but I’m here to shed light on something you probably thought was out of your reach – the cheap rc jet.

Now there are a few rc planes for beginners out there that cost only a few tens of pounds – but you get what you pay for and will be flat out bored pretty quick. That’s not quite true, as if you’re a first time flyer the world of remote control planes is very exciting. You’re having fun while learning new skills and challenging yourself – perhaps the best kind of fun there is.

Streaming Smoke Trails from the Ferocious A10

But there is a way to guarantee yourself more fun and excitement without spending much more at all. You see the cheap rc jet is a marvel that will get you outside more often and having more fun than you thought even remotely likely.

Why? Three reasons. Speed, Performance and Robustness. Rock solid indestructibility and aircraft don’t really come into the same sentence, but with the special tough and shock-absorbing foam these rc planes for beginners are made out of you can get very close. Nothing is more frustrating than taking your new rc jet out into the field only to annihilate it on your first flight.

That’s why robustness is a key factor, with an edf rc jet you’ll be able to make a hard landing or three and still be flying with no problems.

As for performance the thing that separates most rc planes for beginners on the market today and the new cheap rc jet is that the first concentrates on slow and simple, and the latter is more interested in slow and capable.

Detailed Model Plans

What that means is a simple trainer will waft around the sky slowly and gently, and that’ll be the sum total of its ability. With a remote control fighter jet on the other hand you can still fly slowly and predictably whilst you build up your skills, but the aircrafts ability goes much, much further!

As soon as you’ve mastered simple banking turns and can land smoothly, you don’t need to go out and get a new rc plane to stay interested. You simply need to pick up the pace!

And that brings us to our third factor – speed! Even a cheap rc jet has a top speed of 80-90mph! That makes for extreme fun as you rocket around your flying field or abandoned carpark pulling aerobatic stunts!

The top speed is made possible by powerful motors, ducted air scoops and high discharge batteries housed inside fighter jet fuselages!

Missile Destroyer A10

For the first time ever you can add this amazing machine to your wish-list, and go ahead and buy it scott-free. Never has so much fun been so affordable!

For the best pick of the bunch, an astounding rc jet that will stretch and excite you for the cheapest price in the UK, click here : Cheap RC Jet


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